Friday, February 18, 2011


Bill Spetsas with cousins Matina and Peter Petropoulos.  Picture taken in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Today I had such a nice surprise!  I received a phone call from Peter who is married Matina.  Matina is my mothers first cousin.  I love to listen to their Greek accents!  And such good people, its nice to know we can be related to people with such good hearts.

They have helped me to learn more about my heritage, learning more about living as well as deceased family members.  We had a great talk.

Peter had asked me to help him find some of his relatives,  I love this!  It seems we always get the chance to help someone else regarding the most important thing in our lives.  That is family!

I've noticed that people who are bitten by the genealogy bug, are always willing to help one another in their search for family.

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