Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Each day I try to spend a little time working on my family's history.  Last night I began going through some old letters and cards.  I want to go through these items and decide which should be included in  my family's history.

It is amazing the information you can find from this old correspondence; but even better the great memories that come flooding back into your mind.

On one occasion I was going through some old letters that I had inherited after my mother passed away.  There was a letter dated 1946 from Greece.  It was from  my great aunt. What was great about this letter is that it described feelings of family members but it also had the families sir name.  My grandfather had changed his sir name when he immigrated, so we were never sure of the family name.  This letter gave us the information we needed to begin our research.

It helped so we  knew what family to look for as well as historical records.  My first visit to the Family History Library in Salt Lake, we found over 125 people who I was related to.  What an exciting day!  It was the beginning of a great experience!

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