Friday, February 18, 2011


When working on the written history of my mothers family, I like to add additional items besides the genealogy.  People often have events in their lives that document things they accomplished or even items that others have provided in respect to them.

There was a family friend and neighbor who had never written a song before, but he woke feeling impressed to write this song about my mother.  So he got out of bed, sat down and wrote the song.  The original song was titled. "Athena's song" a very nice song, but I later learned  more details about the song.

He had felt impressed the write the song on the early morning of Nov 27, 1997.  He finished it about 11:45 a.m., My mother passed away at 11:50 that very same morning.  It also happened to be Thanksgiving Day which was always her favorite holiday.

I now keep the song in a frame hanging on my wall as a reminder of the good she did in her life and the people she influenced.

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