Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Over the years of doing genealogy research, I have met different types of genealogists. Some are willing to share their information while others are not. At all times, we want to respectful of both views.

That being said, I am always grateful to those who are willing to share. Because of this, unknown distant relatives have been located. We have come to know one another, documents have been accessed which I have been unable to locate before. I have even met people who are willing to help translate where needed. The best benefit of all is getting to know others.

When doing this type of work, this world becomes very small. There are many places online to put your information. Of course, you can put it online at paid sites such as, but there are also free sites as well.

One of my favorite places is Tribal pages and I have included a link to my page on their site to show some things that can be done. Of course, you can upgrade to a paying site, but I have not found this necessary.

There are other sites as well, such as Rootsweb, My Heritage, etc. If you need information as to where else a family tree can be posted, feel free to contact me.

If you are looking for an additional site I would strongly recommend as they now have an option for personal family trees as well as community trees.


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  2. I have my tree on rootsweb world connect (a free site available to all) and have a cut off date of 1925 for privacy of the 'young ones'.
    I wouldn't not have made several very important family connections without have this tree available to all to view. So I am a true believer of posting online. I also wish others would include their sources...sometimes these online trees are cut and paste of other trees viewers must be aware of what they are looking at.
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)