Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I have been thinking quite a bit the last few days about the importance of involving the whole family in our love for family history. There are some fun ways to do this.

As you share stories about your parents, grandparents, cousins etc. the children in the family will learn to love these people in your family. I remember hearing about various family members while I was growing up, some who I had never met. Yet because of learning about their lives, hardships etc. I developed a great love for them.

Historical societies are always looking for groups as well as individuals to transcribe cemeteries and some will even offer grants for such a project. The Utah Historical Society is one that does offer these grants.

On a couple of occassions I took a couple of my nieces and nephews to help me transcribe some head stones and to take pictures of the grave stones. They were old enough at the time they had a great time learning about some of these people and it gave me the chance to teach them how to recognize names in the Greek language. So not only were they giving service they were also learning at the same time. Then afterwards we would go to lunch and talk about our experience that day.

An interesting thing happened. Immediate bonding! They were then asking when they could go and do this activity again.

Following these efforts we then took the pictures and placed them on the website findagrave.com

There are also activities specifically geared towards children learning about their families on several sites. On Familysearch there are lessons geared towards all ages.