Friday, April 26, 2013


One thing I absolutely love about people who do genealogy research is that in most cases they seem to be willing to help one another or keep their eyes open for those sir names that others are researching.

Yesterday I received an email from Sarah, who I had only met once, but we have a similar interest in Greek research.  She remembered that I was researching the Haramis line.  Her mother had asked her to go through some papers of a family member who had recently passed away.

There she found some pedigree charts from the Haramis family that she shared with me as well as a couple of other people.  I was so delighted to receive the charts!

Besides the great satisfaction one gets from researching their own families, it is also a gentle reminder of some of the wonderful people in this world who work for the common good of remembering those who came before us.

Thank You to all those who help to share in this work.  No matter if it is sharing reports, documents, pictures,stories etc, it all comes together.

Its interesting to observe how when we help someone else, it always comes full circle!